Families & Real Estate Transactions

Helping a loved one sell their family home can bring overwhelming emotions, memories -both happy and sad -and a variety of financial worries and challenges. Families are faced with the "double whammy" of making the right choices with an aging loved one all the while trying to reduce the stress and anxiety for all concerned. And this is often just the first step in the process. There are many decisions and emotional steps yet to come in the transition to you or your loved one's next home. Families can find it difficult and time consuming to navigate the onslaught of Information coming your way. Things like ...

  • How do I protect my loved ones from being taken advantage of?
  • What needs to be done to get ready for sale?
  • What questions should I ask realtors?
  • What is the house worth and how can I find out?
  • How long should the house take to sell?
  • What do all these contracts actually mean?

Assist in Finding New Home

Often, seniors know they are ready for retirement, but don't know where to move, or how they will get there.

List Home on the Market

We strive to get you the most money for your home, in the shortest time on the market as possible.

Closing & Relocation

More often than not, closing can be a trying time in our lives. Our goal is to smooth the transition process.

A new way of living

Often, as we age, the level of assistance needed to perform the everyday "activities of daily living" grows to a point where living in a home setting can become unsafe. When making choices about what types of retirement and assisted living options are best for ourselves or aging loved ones there are many factors to consider ...

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Helping a loved one as a Power of Attorney

In the life cycle of a family, we look to our parents to make good decisions for the entire family until circumstances - sometimes just normal aging - cause the roles to be reversed. That's when adult children find themselves wanting to honor their parents' wishes while needing to ensure assets are protected. A family member with Power of Attorney faced with selling a home for a loved one who has been deemed medically incapable will need to navigate a very different path compared to selling one's own home. During these real estate transactions you will find yourself wondering ...

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Selling a loved one's home from a distance

In today's society families are more geographically spread out than ever before. Families are often faced with the task of liquidating assets or settling of affairs of a will from around the country or world. At Generations Team we understand the complexities and emotions involved in all of these decisions. We can help you navigate the process from anywhere through the use of our vast resource network guided by Senior Real Estate Specialists. Our certified consultants can guide you and your family through the many questions and challenges you will face and provide the needed resources:

  • Retirement living options 
  • Elder Law 
  • Family Home Sales and Local Realtor
  • Contracting referrals 
  • Property Management
  • Market valuation
  • Content liquidation
  • Moving and Transition