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Why is Moving So Overwhelming?

Why is moving so overwhelming?

Overwhelming! It’s the first words I hear when someone calls. Either they are planning to move themselves or helping a parent or loved one who may be reluctant.  And it is overwhelming. That’s why we recommend a set-by step decision making process that helps put the puzzle pieces together.  To start with, answer these questions (sort of in order):

Why do you want to move (or why do you want your loved one to move)?

When do you what to move?

Where do you want to move to?

What is your current monthly budget and what is your projected budget in your new space?

How large is the space you are moving into?

Is there a floor plan you can work with?

What important possessions are ESSENTIAL for you to take your new home?

What do you want to do with the possessions you are NOT taking to your new home?

How is your lifestyle going to change and how does that impact the things you take? Such as clothing, kitchen ware, yard tools, items from the garage…

Do you have a home to sell?

Do you have “your legal affairs” in order?

Now, what things on the list above can you begin to accomplish yourself or with the help of your family? Remember, some of these items are time consuming and may even require brute strength. Make sure you are not biting off more that you can chew or expecting too much of your loved ones with equally busy lives.  Consider interviewing professionals to help. Here is a list of a few you might consider. Most will meet with you free of charge for an initial consultation

A Financial Planner or trusted associate who can help you do cost comparisons of your current and future state and affordability.

A Senior Move Manager who can put you in touch with a wide variety of resources relating the tasks and details of making a move or liquidating possessions.

An Elder Law Attorney who can make sure you have the proper legal documents such as will, medical power of attorney, financial power of Attorney and other needed documents.

A Licensed Realtor, who can help you find the right new home or apartment and/or sell your existing home.

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