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Generations Team is a Senior Move Management, Real Estate Brokerage and Senior Consulting firm that can help you put the puzzle pieces together for your transition plan. We can even do the “heavy lifting” of the move for you and your family. Our services are client centered and personalized to meet each family’s needs, capabilities and preferences. Families should never doubt the power of an outside expert.

We are here to Help Your Family Plant New Roots.

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Our services are client-centered and personalized to meet the client’s needs and preferences. Families should never doubt the power of an outside expert!

Planning Your Transition

  • Putting the puzzle pieces together for a smooth transition
  • Floor planning
  • Sorting & downsizing
  • Assistance with finding your NEW home, apartment or community

Selling Your Home

  • Working together to prepare the home for sale
  • Home sales complicated by legal, mental, or physical situations
  • Understanding local markets, laws, and conditions
  • Setting the right price

Helping Families Move

  • Licensed Professional Moving Services
  • In-State Moves
  • Resources for out of state moves

Packing, Unpacking & Settling-In

  • Professional packing of your prized possessions
  • Making your new house a home
  • Picture hanging & decorating
  • TV hanging, assembly, and handyman services


  • Room by room organizing
  • Whole-house decluttering
  • Bill & mail maintenance
  • Document management
  • Digital photo management & archiving

Downsizing and Disbursement

  • Space planning, sorting, and decluttering
  • Selling, consignment & donations
  • Shipping to family members
  • Clear outs of attics, sheds, and garages

Aging in Place Advising & Home Management

  • Safety & Functional assessment
  • Home modifications
  • Technical solutions to everyday problems
  • Routine home maintenance & upkeep

Community Education & Advising

  • Presentations to community organizations
  • 1-1 tailored presentations to families in transition
  • Best practices in transition & communication
  • DIY tips for families

Our team of senior relocation & retirement specialists offer experienced insight into the overwhelming aspects of life's transitions. Good information and informed options are some of the best tools a family can have in dealing compassionately and lovingly with aging issues.

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Prepare Personal Belongings for Relocation

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Planning a transition? We’re standing by.

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  • Toni N. Avatar
    Toni N.
    4/14/2022 - Google

    Generations Team has moved us twice and both times were very smooth and well organized. The team of people work... read more

    Susan B. Avatar
    Susan B.
    4/06/2022 - Google

    The team of Monica, Kathy E., Mark, and Jachob did a fabulous job in moving my mother from her home... read more

    Mary S. Avatar
    Mary S.
    3/22/2022 - Google

    Great experience from beginning to end. Peggy came to my mother’s home and made her feel very comfortable about the... read more

  • Mary A. Avatar
    Mary A.
    2/07/2022 - Google

    Everyone was beyond helpful, so professional and yet incredibly friendly. Everything was moved expertly, quickly and absolutely nothing was damaged,... read more

    Natalie P. Avatar
    Natalie P.
    2/01/2022 - Google

    Peggy and her team, Mark, Joshua, JC, Georgia, Kathy G, and Kathy E. assisted in moving my Uncle to a... read more

    MoseyDuck Avatar
    1/01/2022 - Google

    Peggy is awesome to work with and her team is amazing!! I have used this Team 6 times now.... read more

  • Chris E. Avatar
    Chris E.
    12/01/2021 - Google

    We had a great experience with the Generations Team. They were on time, very courteous, very professional, took great care... read more

    Mrs H. Avatar
    Mrs H.
    12/01/2021 - Google

    We had 2 different teams for our moving experience - both were extremely polite, courteous, and conscientious about moving our... read more

    Mary D. Avatar
    Mary D.
    8/09/2021 - Google

    Generations Team is awesome! They helped me move my brother to assisted living and packed up the remainder of his... read more

  • Thomas M. Avatar
    Thomas M.
    7/22/2021 - Google

    Outstanding company

    Charles B. Avatar
    Charles B.
    7/15/2021 - Google

    I had Generations move belongings from my deceased father's home in Georgetown Tx. Peggy was my advisor, and was... read more

    Terry K. Avatar
    Terry K.
    6/15/2021 - Google

    Generations Team made sure we had an effortless move from start to finish. The team was professional, accommodating, pleasant and... read more

  • Carole H. Avatar
    Carole H.
    6/14/2021 - Google

    The Generations team is always very efficient and thorough. They do an excellent job of packing and unpacking and... read more

    Faye M. Avatar
    Faye M.
    4/07/2021 - Google

    The two young men who moved my husband and I were very friendly and professional. We only needed them to... read more

    Carol R. Avatar
    Carol R.
    1/28/2021 - Google

    I cannot praise Generations enough for the wonderful job they did moving my 97 year old father. They have moved... read more

  • Heather B. Avatar
    Heather B.
    1/27/2021 - Google

    Helped make mom's transition from Assisted Living to Memory Care much more smooth. Allowed us to drop items off... read more

    Everett J. Avatar
    Everett J.
    1/16/2021 - Google

    Unpacking turned out to be overwhelming for us. We called them on short notice and they came out the next... read more

    Chickie B. Avatar
    Chickie B.
    12/09/2020 - Google

    I've used Generation's Team twice to move my 92 year old dad. They were great! Highly recommend!

  • Judy H. Avatar
    Judy H.
    10/23/2020 - Google

    I cannot recommend Generations highly enough. They made our move almost without stress. Their employees are professional,... read more

    Dave N. Avatar
    Dave N.
    10/23/2020 - Google

    Generations team have moved my parents three times. Each time with professionalism, courtesy and great care. Thank... read more

    Bennie B. Avatar
    Bennie B.
    8/23/2020 - Google

    In my lifetime(I am 82) I have had over 50 moves with about 23 in the San Antonio area and... read more

  • San A. Avatar
    San A.
    7/23/2020 - Google

    Kathy and Alex were excellent. I used them to unpack, put away and arrange my father’s belongings at his new... read more

    Shirley N. Avatar
    Shirley N.
    6/23/2020 - Google

    This is my second move within 3 years with Generations Team and again, they did not disappoint. They arrived... read more

    Joyce H. Avatar
    Joyce H.
    6/23/2020 - Google

    The efficient and courteous packing and moving teams arrived as scheduled, and everything arrived at the destination as promised and... read more

  • Lannett R. Avatar
    Lannett R.
    4/23/2020 - Google

    Generations did a amazing on the my daughter's move. On time and very professional.Thank you!

    Chuck T. Avatar
    Chuck T.
    3/23/2020 - Google

    The entire staff is super. Very professional in every aspect. They took all of the stress out of the move... read more

    Kathie K. Avatar
    Kathie K.
    1/23/2020 - Google

    Peggy Brown and her team are outstanding senior movers and if you need a complicated move (full body massage chair)... read more

  • Kelli S. Avatar
    Kelli S.
    12/23/2019 - Google

    Fantastic service to help keep a family together during difficult transitional times! Peggy is fantastic, so are her team members!... read more

    Mark M. Avatar
    Mark M.
    12/23/2019 - Google

    I had been moved into Franklin Park for a few days and was growing increasingly distressed with the magnitude of... read more

    Terri R. Avatar
    Terri R.
    12/23/2019 - Google

    The Generations moving team was AMAZING. Prompt, polite and professional. They packed, transported and put back into place the content's... read more

  • Vic V. Avatar
    Vic V.
    12/23/2019 - Google

    Moving you parents from their home is never easy. The Generations Team was fantastic. They were hard working, patient, and... read more

    Cheri V. Avatar
    Cheri V.
    12/23/2019 - Google

    The team was so helpful and patient !! If there were a 10 star rating I would... read more

    Cecile P. Avatar
    Cecile P.
    12/23/2019 - Google

    I cannot say enough good things about this organization, its leadership, and its employees. I have used their services... read more

  • Rose A. Avatar
    Rose A.
    12/23/2019 - Google

    4 movers from Generations had me out of my 2nd floor apartment and into a uhaul truck in 45 minutes.... read more

    dee b. Avatar
    dee b.
    1/26/2019 - Google

    Thank you does not cover the gratitude I have for the amazing staff that moved my in-laws! Moving after 35... read more

    A H. Avatar
    A H.
    12/23/2018 - Google

    Wonderful team! Professional job. Very accommodating. Would recommend team to anyone for all your moving... read more

  • Nikolas C. Avatar
    Nikolas C.
    12/23/2018 - Google

    Outstanding service and great care of furniture! They provided an estimate but also set a cap so I felt... read more

    Lynn J. Avatar
    Lynn J.
    12/23/2018 - Google

    I was very pleased with Generations Movers and highly recommend them. Everyone involved was excellent to deal with. The first... read more

    Leah C. Avatar
    Leah C.
    12/23/2018 - Google

    Moved 96 year-old mom yesterday. Seamless, Efficient, Friendly, Affordable. What more could you ask for? Thanks Peggy... read more

  • Gwen Y. Avatar
    Gwen Y.
    12/23/2018 - Google

    Peggy and her team were outstanding and made a really stressful move from Assisted Living to Memory Care so easy.... read more

    Dee B. Avatar
    Dee B.
    12/23/2018 - Google

    Thank you does not cover the gratitude I have for the amazing staff that moved my in-laws! Moving after 35... read more

    Corey K. Avatar
    Corey K.
    12/23/2018 - Google

    The crew, both packing and movers, were fantastic. Nicest people in the world that were so accommodating. They worked extremely... read more

  • Edward M. Avatar
    Edward M.
    12/23/2018 - Google

    Generations moved my father between apartments in his retirement facility (downsizing). The move was quick and smooth. The workers were... read more

    Stacey P. Avatar
    Stacey P.
    12/23/2018 - Google

    I absolutely love the heart and core values this company has to offer. This company really makes a difference for... read more

    Beverly R. Avatar
    Beverly R.
    12/23/2018 - Google

    A HUGE ‘thank you’ for our move back in April 2017, it went very well! This is why we recommended... read more

  • Lynn E. Avatar
    Lynn E.
    12/23/2018 - Google

    wonderful people to work with.Efficient, helpful and cooperative

    Ginny F. Avatar
    Ginny F.
    12/23/2017 - Google

    Generations recently helped me move my things out and then back in when construction was complete on my home (tornado... read more

    Liz S. Avatar
    Liz S.
    12/23/2017 - Google

    Generations recently helped my Mom with her move. They were, without a doubt, the NICEST group of young men... read more

  • Abby J. Avatar
    Abby J.
    12/23/2017 - Google

    Love this company! They have so many different services to offer that helped make transitioning my parents from their home... read more